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Online Sales & Mail Order Dresses. Sorry, but...

We don't sell online or by mail order (and therefore don't have a brochure), because we feel its important for you to visit our shop where you can see all the colours and styles available and - most importantly - try them on and be sure you are getting the perfect dress, because the fit and how your dress makes you feel  is everything.

We don't hire as we feel its far more cost effective to buy

We are one of the few stockists of Faviana gowns in the UK and the lowest priced, but on American websites you will see dresses we sell listed at what appears to be lower prices (we actually work out cheaper).
BUT BE AWARE you will pay SIGNIFICANTLY MORE than the price they quote because
  • Your bank or card issuer will also charge you a foreign currency transaction fee, usually around 2.5 or 2.75%
  • You will have to pay the delivery company an additional 12% import duty & 20% VAT, plus a admin charge, typically around £11 or £12